by Stan Coffey

The Choices of Youth
Stan Coffey
Daniel 1:8

I want you to take your Bible today and turn to Daniel chapter 1. I wanted to bring a message today that I thought would be of particular significance to those who are graduating and to our young people. We're so proud of you. We're so thankful for you. We praise God for you and for the achievement you have made and for all that you have meant to our church. Our prayers are with you and your future in whatever you do.In Daniel chapter 1 there is a story about a teenager who made a decision that changed not only his life, but his decision changed the destiny of the world and the destiny of a people. We're going to talk about the choice that Daniel made, the choices of youth.

You know, choice determines character. Everyday we're faced with a series of choices. Choice determines destiny. Just a small choice can change the direction of life. Every choice we make every day has tremendous eternal significance. As young people go out into this world, whether it's as graduates, or whether it's back to high school next year, as men and women go back to their jobs, we go back to a culture that's becoming more and more counter to Christianity. Even though we have in America on the coins the words ''In God We Trust'' we're living in a nation that seems to be more and more opposed to the things of God and the principles on which our nation was founded, the principles of God's holy word. So we're going to have to be confronted with some very difficult choices.

Now, Daniel's circumstance was that as a young teenager he found himself being carried away into a foreign land. The foreigners from Babylon invaded the country of Israel and they took back with them many captives. And on their first foray into Israel they particularly took the very brightest and very best of all the young people of Israel, to take them back to Babylon and to educate them in the religion, in the customs, in the ways of Babylon, to give them a first ...

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