by Zach Terry

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Reaching the Outsider (4 of 19)
Series: Acts
Zach Terry
Acts 8:1-40

INTRODUCTION: In his book, ''the Power of Habit'' Charles Duhigg writes that scientists are just beginning to discover the immense power of certain KEYSTONE habits. Keystones are habits or actions that lend a disproportionate amount of influence over other decisions in your life.

Health - People who really, focus and intently workout, tend to make good eating choices, sleep better, have less stress and anxiety, develop a stronger immune system so they are more resistant to disease. Why because working out creates a chain of events. The other decisions come almost automatically when you get the Keystone correct.

Marriage - Couples who regularly go on date nights tend to fight less, enjoy better intimacy, have a higher level of enjoyment in their marriage, divorce less. Why because dating your spouse is a keystone habit.

So you don't have to MASTER dozens of disciplines - you really only need to understand and engage in a few healthy keystone habits and it will create a cycle that will greatly improve your overall life.

NOW - what about Spirituality. Are there keystone habits that will cause the various disciplines to fall into place? What is one thing we can do that will cause us to love God and people more, pray more, serve more, give more, and have a greater impact for the Kingdom?

The one habit that from my experience and observation that influences all the other disciplines the most is the habit of evangelism - that is, seeking to influence others with the Gospel.

Chances are if we were conducting a survey of any given church in our bible belt culture - evangelism would probably rank as the weakest and least practiced of all spiritual disciplines.

But think about it. If you are actively engaged in winning other people to christ from your circle of influence:

You will sin less - because you don't want to hinder your witness.
You will pray more - because you ...

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