by Zach Terry

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When Brothers Can't Agree (9 of 19)
Series: Acts
Zach Terry
Acts 15:36

INTRODUCTION: There is something very strange and somewhat disillusioning about becoming a Christian. See becoming a Christian is about being at peace with God. God no long looks at you as a Judge who must punish you, but because Jesus was punished for you - God now looks at you as a loving Father.

As a matter of fact, the Lord's table that we will celebrate at the end of the service today is the primary portrayal of that - God and man sitting together at peace enjoying a meal.

However, I hadn't been a Christian very long at all before I discovered that there were all new categories of things to argue about. You see, previously I didn't really care so much what your opinions about God, worship, traditions, etc. were. And no one really seem to care what my opinions were on these matters.

ILLUSTRATION: But soon after my conversion I remember sitting in my car with a brother in Christ. We were out on soul winning visitation. I said, ''Hey bro, listen to this song - now it was a Gospel song, an old hymn, but it was being sang by Alan Jackson''. I was enjoying the song and he reached up and turned the volume down and proceeded to explain to me how it was not right to listen to secular artist sing gospel music. Now I didn't know a lot about the bible, but I was pretty sure that verse wasn't in there. I said, ''why not?'' He said, ''Well, because you don't know how they are living''. I said, ''You don't know how Bill Gaiter is living either''. He said, ''Yeah but that's different''. To make a long story short we didn't win anybody to Jesus that night. We sat in the car arguing for over an hour.

Probably if we polled this congregation - some of the worst arguments you have experienced have been with people you consider a brother or sister in Christ. Perhaps they were even held in the context of the Church.

Today I want to try to show you why that is the case and perhaps offer s ...

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