SING NOW (10 OF 19)

by Zach Terry

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Sing Now (10 of 19)
Series: Acts
Zach Terry
Acts 16

OPENING: Open you bibles to Acts 16:15 I'd like to speak to you today from that text under the title, ''Sing Now''.

CONTEXT: Acts 16 picks up with what happened after Paul and Barnabas separated on what is commonly called the 2nd Missionary Journey. At this point Silas has replaced Barnabas, Timothy is recruited and Luke also joins the missionary team. So we have four men, preaching the Gospel and planting churches around the Mediterranean.

In verse 6-10 the team is directed by the Holy Spirit to take the Gospel into Macedonia the area we know of as Europe. In the next 2 millennia the Gospel will move from Philippi, to Athens, to Corinth, to Rome, down into ancient Gaul, across the channel to England, finally by implication to the United States, to you.

The city of Phillipi witnessed the birth of 2 empires. Nearly 100 years before Paul and Silas, Timothy and Luke made their journey to Phillipi one of the Epic battles of History had been fought outside that Greek city. Augustus Caesar who was then Octavian in alliance with Marc Antony fought and defeated the co conspirators Cassias and Brutus who had been responsible for the death of Julius Caesar. It was there at the battle of Phillipi under the auspices of those 4 men that the Roman Empire was actually founded. 100 years later 4 other men enter Phillipi to begin another Empire. It was much more quite in it's inception but long after Rome is gone it will still be present wielding it's influence.

In coming to the city of Phillipi, Paul is confronted for the first time by the full power of Rome. After Octavian's conquest he converted the city of Phillipi into a Roman colony. That meant that it was Rome in miniature. Rome's constitution was it's constitution. Rome's laws were the laws of Phillipi.

As Paul entered Phillipi he was introduced to the regalia of Rome with which he would deal the rest of his life. The Eagles of the Roman Legion, the ...

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