by Marvin D. Patterson

How to Walk in Light of the Lord's Return
Marvin Patterson
1 Thessalonians 4:6-12

Two men were walking through the woods and came upon a big black, deep hole. One man picked up a rock and tossed it into the hole and stood listening for the rock to hit bottom. There was no sound.
He turned to the other guy and said ''that must be a deep hole...let's throw a bigger rock in there and listen for it to hit bottom.'' The men found a bigger rock and both picked it up and lugged it to the hole and dropped it in.
They listened for some time and never heard a sound. Again, they agreed that this must be one deep hole and maybe they should throw something even bigger into it.
One man spotted a rail-road tie nearby. They picked up the tie, grunting and groaning, and lugged it to the hole. They tossed it in. No sound. All of a sudden, a goat came flying out of the woods, running like the wind, and flew past the men and jumped straight into the hole. The men were amazed.
About that time, an old hayseed farmer came out of the woods and asked the men if they had seen a goat. One man told the farmer of the incredible incident they had just witnessed...they had just seen this goat fly out of the woods and run and leap into the big hole. The man asked the farmer if this could have been his goat.
The old farmer said ''naw, that can't be my goat...he was chained to a railroad tie.''

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Paul is writing to see how well the Thessalonians are doing in their newly planted church! He is overjoyed that they are doing well, and growing in their love for the Lord, and in their testimony for Christ to all the surrounding areas! Paul will reveal a blessed truth in this passage about the coming of the Lord! Everyone thought that in order to get to heaven two things must happen. First of all, you must be saved, and secondly, you must die! But Paul reveals the blessed doctrine of the rapture of t ...

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