by Marvin D. Patterson

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The Blessings of Submission - Part 1 (1 of 2)
Marvin Patterson
Proverbs 13:1-3

Contact Lens

The teenager lost a contact lens while playing basketball in his driveway. After a fruitless search, he told his mother the lens was nowhere to be found.

Undaunted, she went outside and in a few minutes, returned with the lens in her hand.

''How did you manage to find it, Mom?'' the teenager asked.

''We weren't looking for the same thing,'' she replied.

''You were looking for a small piece of plastic. I was looking for $150.''

Honor Thy Father - Kid Jokes

A Sunday school teacher was discussing the Ten Commandments with her five and six year olds.

After explaining the commandment to ''honor thy father and thy mother,'' she asked, ''Is there a commandment that teaches us how to treat our brothers and sisters?''

Without missing a beat one little boy answered: ''Thou shall not kill.''


Now we are moving into chapter thirteen of this wonderful Book of Proverbs. We have noticed that Solomon is the writer and compiler of all of these insightful teachings that are contained therein! He is writing from the perspective of a father to a son. We remember that his son Rehoboam would eventually rule the kingdom of Israel, and Solomon is trying to prepare him as well as us on how these principles will bring success into the life of any individual. In our last chapter, we studied the great benefits of work. God blesses those who are diligently seeking His will and direction in life! He has great benefits and blessings for those who are wise enough to read and heed these precious values, but God also warns that that those who go against His teachings will have trouble and adversity along the way! Friend, I encourage you to follow God's plan for your life, and live the most abundant life possible, for He designed you for a purpose in life! Now we continue our study of the principles that bring success to the lives of those who seek and ...

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