by Jerry Watts

Bad News - Good News
Jerry Watts
Isaiah 9:2; John 1:5

Years ago and for many year, Archie Campbell was a man that kept us entertained and laughing with his dry wit. Appearing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry as well as Hee-Haw with the likes of Grandpa Jones, Roy Clark, Buck Owens, and Grady Nutt, Archie would always get a belly laugh by turning a phrase.

The first time I heard him was on a vinyl, 33 1/3, long play record that was recorded live. This was in the early 60's when I first heard his comic routine entitled, ''That's Good, That's Bad.'' Every time his straight man would say, ''Well that's good'', Archie would respond, ''No, that's bad''. For that venue and entertainment, it was indeed funny.

However, while in Columbus, hearing the preaching, the reports, and discussions, do you know what revelation hit me? We live in the greatest country that mankind has ever known. We live in a world where almost anything seems to be a possibility. ''If you see it, you can be it'' is the modern day mantra. In the 239 years since we have declared our Independence (a matter which obviously had the blessings of Jehovah God - because His blessings were indeed sought) many women and men have given life and limb to maintain this great nation. Freedom is never free. The cost is always high - and is bought by innocent blood. I was reminded of this truth.

But also, I was reminded of the universal bad news, which seems to be readily forgotten in our day of plenty, as well as the good news (the only good news which truly matters) for all of mankind. The Biblical symbols of the good and bad are darkness and light. I begin with two verse (text)

These two verses offer us 2 concepts or pictures and these pictures are diametrically opposed. Darkness and Light. Bad news and Good news. Today we seem to want the good and forget the bad.

Problem is, when we try to forget the bad news or the darkness - we become susceptible to the forces of evil because, like it or not, ...

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