by Stan Coffey

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The Tragedy Of Partial Victory (13 of 15)
Series: Journey into Freedom
Stan Coffey
Joshua 17:12

It's good to see you this morning. I'm glad you're here for another wonderful day in God's house. We have a wonderful message from the Lord. I believe the Lord is leading us in a very definite direction in our church and the direction in which He is leading us is to total victory. Amen? That's total victory in our lives and in the life of our church. Today we come again to the book of Joshua. We've been talking about that journey into freedom; freedom from sin, freedom from defeat, claiming all that God has for us as His people. Today we're going to talk about "The Tragedy of Partial Victory". How many of us know that partial victory is total defeat? With God it's all or nothing. With God it's not prominence. With God it's not a place, but it's preeminence in our lives. The Lord is a jealous God over us. He's a God who wants every fiber, every inch, every hair on our head, every part of our being totally and completely surrendered to Him. Only then can we experience that victory, that joy that God has promised to us in His Word. We know the victory has been won by Christ, but we have to possess that victory. We're on a journey into freedom. Today we talk about the tragedy of partial possession.

You know, on your bulletin, on the back page, there is a page for your notes if you'd like to write some sermon notes today. Also, on the inside page, there is a page for those of you who are guests. We'd like for you to sometime today fill out that guest response form because I want to send you a very important little book about God's promises that I guarantee you will be a blessing in your life. So please take a moment and do that before you leave today and drop it in the offering plate.

Alright, so we're turning to Joshua chapter 17 and in a moment we're going to begin reading in verse 12. Now, this is the story about a group of people God ha ...

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