by Stan Coffey

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Breaking down the Strongholds (10 of 15)
Series: Journey Into Freedom
Stan Coffey
Joshua 10:12-23

If you are really glad that Jesus died for you say ''Amen.'' Alright. I am too. Turn to Joshua chapter 10. We are going to read verses 12-14 in just a moment. Today we're talking about breaking down strongholds. We'll see in the scripture that there was a day when God commanded the sun to stand still for almost a full day, a great miracle in the Bible that speaks of God's love for you and me. We all have strongholds in our life. In this passage we read about five kings that had to be conquered by Joshua and the Israelites for them to claim the victory that God had for them in the Promised Land. There may be kings in your life that have to be conquered before you can enter in to the victorious, wonderful, powerful, successful Christian life that the Lord has for you. Now we're told by the Apostle Paul that the weapons that we have at our disposal are not carnal, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

There were strongholds in Canaan. The land had been given to them just as God has given victory to us. But they had to be conquered. They had to be pulled down through the power of God and through the miraculous intervention of God. So we read in this particular chapter that God gave Israel victory. Notice, it is important that they win the victory over these five kings because this battle that is described here in Joshua 10 was the battle that determined whether or not a Savior would be born. You see, God had said that he would send the Messiah, the Savior of all the world through the Israelite people. God had said He would do it in the land of Israel, the land that was known as Canaan. And so if they failed to conquer the Promised Land, then the Messiah could never have been born, our salvation could have never been possible. That was the importance of this tremendous battle.

And yet as they went out to battle God has assured Jos ...

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