by Stan Coffey

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The Strategy Of The Enemy (9 of 15)
Stan Coffey
Joshua 9:2-21
March 10, 2002

Well, it's wonderful to see you today. We're going to continue our series today on "Journey Into Freedom". The story of Joshua and Israel is the story of the victorious life. It teaches us how to live in the real world. In the real world there are battles to be fought. There are dangers on every hand. There are unexpected enemies that pop up here and there. Every day is a challenge, but God causes us to live victoriously even in a world like that. God leads us on a journey into freedom; freedom from the world, the flesh and the devil, freedom to live victoriously in Christ, freedom to claim the promises of God. And I'm so excited about the book of Joshua because it teaches us about the liberty we have in the Lord and how God has set us free. You know in all these messages I've been trying to motivate you and preachers are always trying to motivate their people. That's one of the jobs we have. We are exhorters the Bible says. We are to exhort one another. So I always try to motivate.

I heard about a pastor who had a very interesting approach to motivation. One of his members came to him and he said, "Pastor, I'm way overweight. Because of it I can't get any dates. I've tried every diet there is. Nothing seems to work." His pastor said, "Well, your problem is motivation." He said, "I've got a plan that will work. You be dressed and ready for exercise at 7:00 in the morning." He said, "No plan works." The pastor said, "Just do what I say. This will work." Because the pastor had stressed it so heavily - "Be ready at 7:00 in the morning." that he was ready. And the doorbell rang. He went to the door and there was a gorgeous young woman in an exercise suit. She said to him, "The pastor said to tell you that you can marry me if you can catch me." She took off lickety split. Well, he ran and ran and ran. He couldn't catch her but he w ...

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