by Stan Coffey

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Bringing down the Walls (6 of 15)
Series: Journey Into Freedom
Stan Coffey
Joshua 6:1

I want to continue our thoughts about ''Journey Into Freedom''. We're following the Israelites on a journey into freedom as they claim the Promised Land. Today I want to invite your attention to the book of Joshua chapter 6 and verse 1. Joshua is the book of victory. The Old Testament name Joshua is equivalent to the New Testament name Jesus. As Joshua led the people to freedom in the Promised Land, Jesus leads us to freedom and to the victorious life in this life we live today. It is Jesus who leads us into a Spirit filled life, into a life where we have freedom from sin, where we have freedom from doubt and freedom from fear. It is indeed a journey into freedom. I want to speak today on the subject bringing down the walls. Joshua was told by the Lord in the very beginning that no enemy would be able to stand before him all the days of his life. Believers are to be victorious over every enemy that comes against us, over the world, over the flesh and over the devil through the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus today would lead us into a personal journey of freedom. He would lead us today to see how to break down the walls, to bring down the walls that stand between us and all that God has for us, to bring down all the walls that stand between us and total victory in our Christian life, to bring down the walls of fear and doubt and unbelief and the walls of discouragement and depression.

And so if we'll look at this passage I want us to see first of all Joshua 6:1 ''Now Jericho was tightly shut up because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in.'' Now Jericho was the first city they would face in the land. They had to conquer Jericho and bring down its walls before they could enter in and begin to take the land of milk and honey, the land that God had given to them. Now, Jericho was a great city. It was great in antiquity. It was a historic city. It was a grea ...

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