by Jeff Strite

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The Black Regiment (2 of 4)
Series: What Made America Great
Jeff Strite
1 Peter 4:17-19

OPEN: 1776. That was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. But did signing that declaration actually make America a free and independent nation? No. There was still a long, and costly conflict that needed to fought with THE superpower of the day.

America only had rag tag army was poorly paid (if they were paid at all)
They had few - if any - uniforms.
Their weapons were often what they brought from home.
If any cannons, they were those taken from the British.
And the soldiers often had to survive without adequate food and shelter.

By contrast they faced one of the most feared armies in the world. British troops were the best trained and equipped of any army of the day. Other nations looked on to this conflict and doubted these colonial soldiers could ever succeed. Few doubted these ''Freedom fighters'' would prevail…

But they did!
And one of the reasons they prevailed was that they had a secret weapon.
A secret weapon so powerful that even King George feared it.

That secret weapon was a powerful brigade of soldiers that Britain referred to as the ''Black Regiment.'' They were such a powerful force for the cause of freedom that, before the Revolution started, the British governor of Massachusetts made the statement that if this Black Regiment ever came out in force to support the Revolution England would lose.

So, what was this ''Black Regiment''?
And what was it about them that made Britain fear it?
(Does Anybody Know Who They Were?)

The Black Regiment were the preachers throughout the Colonies
Their weapon was the Bible.
And their battlefield was the pulpit.
They were called the ''Black'' regiment because they wore black robes when they preached. (Some sources refer to them as the ''Black Robed Regiment'')

It was their moral leadership and influence that enabled America to become a free and independent nation.

These preac ...

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