JOURNEY INTO 2002 (1 OF 15)

by Stan Coffey

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JOURNEY INTO 2002 (1 of 15)
Joshua 3
January 6, 2002

Well this morning open your Bibles to Joshua chapter 3. The series title is "Journey Into Freedom" and today's message is "Journey Into 2002". We've begun a brand new journey. It's as though we stand at the brink of a brand new year but between us and the blessings of God there will rivers of difficulty. We'll have to pass through those rivers to claim what God has for us and to enter into freedom. Today I'm here to tell you that we have someone who's going to lead us all the way through everyday, every hour, every minute and every second of brand new year. His name is Jesus.

You know, a little girl one day was late for Sunday School. She didn't want to be late for Sunday School and so she was running as fast as she could. She had her Bible, she had her Sunday School lesson and she was going as fast as her little feet could carry her. She had on her best Sunday dress. She was just a little bit late and she stumbled as she ran and fell down, tore her little dress, skinned her hands. She got up and she said, "Lord, please don't let me be late. Please don't let me be late for Sunday School this morning but please don't push me either."

Well, sometimes we get to the brink of a new year and we need a little push from the Lord to get us across that river and to get us into those blessings that God has for us. That's the way the children of Israel were. The children of Israel stood at the Jordan River after they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. For 40 years they had talked about the Promised Land, sung about the Promised Land, they said "I'm bound for the promised land." They had manna to eat everyday. They had manna casserole. They had manna sandwiches. They had baked manna. They had boiled manna. They had fried manna. Nothing but manna. They lived on a desert diet, existed in a desert environment and sung about how great it would be in ...

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