by Stan Coffey

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The Baptism with the Holy Spirit (9 of 16)
Series: The Great Adventure - Living the Spirit-Filled Life
Dr. Stan Coffey
Matthew 3:11-12

Christianity can either be a delight or it can be drudgery, depending on whether or not you know what the doctrine of the Holy Spirit is and you have availed yourself of the Spirit's power in your life. This church all through the years has made much of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, insomuch that some people come and say, "Are you sure this is a Baptist church?" They check the sign when they go out. It's a shame that many Baptists have been frightened away from the doctrine of the Holy Spirit because they have gotten the false impression that the only ones who can talk about the Holy Spirit are the charismatics or the Pentecostals. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I've preached in several places where people said to me - I don't know if it was a compliment or a criticism - "You preach like an Assembly of God evangelist." I've got a Baptist head, Pentecostal heart, and Jehovah Witnesses feet. I love to teach on the Holy Spirit. We're going to look at what the baptism by the Holy Spirit is. I'm afraid that many of us have not been taught that. If you do not know what it is, it's not your fault: you just haven't been taught, or you weren't there when it was taught. So I hope this will clear up any questions that you may have.

The baptism OF the Holy Spirit is nowhere mentioned in scripture. In scripture it is called the baptism WITH the Holy Spirit or the baptism BY the Holy Spirit, but not the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In Matthew 3 we find the ministry of John the Baptist. John is preaching and teaching. "Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make His paths straight. Repent, for the Lord is at hand." John the Baptist was sent to be that forerunner who would prepare the way for Jesus. John the Baptist was busy about preaching repentance. When people repented and they believed in the Messiah who ...

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