by Stan Coffey

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What The Bible Says About War (5 of 5)
Stan Coffey
Matthew 24:4-7
October 21, 2001

How do you justify war when Jesus was a man of peace? Some people may say, "How can Christians be a part of an attack in Afghanistan? How can they be behind a nation that has gone on the aggressive side to root our terrorism. How does that square with what the Bible teaches about peace and love and forgiving your enemies?" What does the Bible say about that? I think we need to stop and think about that and look at God's Word. (Read Matthew 24:3-7) Certainly in verse 7 we're seeing that happen today. Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom. We're seeing earthquakes. We're seeing famine. We're seeing pestilence even in our own country in the Anthrax scare. So, what does the Bible say about war?

Most of us know the gravity of our times. This week the nation of Israel was attacked by terrorists from the Palestinian Liberation Organization who said that they were fighting against Israel. They were attacked in a way they had never been attacked before. A cabinet member of the Israeli Parliament was assassinated. Now, Israel has declared they will do what America is doing in Afghanistan. That they will go on the aggressive side and they will go on the offense and they will root out the terrorist. They are demanding that Yasser Arafat immediately cease all aggression. So we see an escalation in the Middle East at the same time we see an escalation in America's war in Afghanistan against terrorism. We know that war will not only be against that one country. But, our president has said that we must seek out the terrorists and destroy them and the nations that support them wherever they may be. What does the Bible say about all this?

1. Well, first of all I want you to consider the reason for war. What causes war? In James 4:1-2 the Bible tells us the root of all war. He said, "from whence comes fightings and quarrels among you? Do they not come fr ...

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