by Jerry Watts

Come to the Upper Room
Jerry Watts
John 17:1-26

I begin with a confession that I really don't have to make. Last Sunday's message (CAPE of the Christ Follower) drained me completely. When speaking of all those characteristics which make up the ''CAPE'' or 'dress' we wear as believers, I put everything I had into the message. These things are deep convictions and, I believe, in this secularist culture are becoming more and more essential if we are to proclaim the gospel message. Without the gospel, there is no salvation, there is no help for today nor hope for eternity. And if those who bear Christ's name is not committed or available or praying or exercising their faith, then this world will never see the ''LIGHT'' nor will they taste the ''SALT'' of the gospel and become thirsty for the living water that never runs dry. When I finished that message, I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained. So much so that I couldn't seem to get a clear guidance about what to bring to us today. Sunday afternoon and evening nothing. Monday was a busy day - in and out - hospitals, etc, but every moment I drove, the few I had in my office, I could get no peace about this morning message. And I knew that I had an all-day meeting at the state office on Tuesday. The week was getting short.

The Tuesday meeting was a meeting about how to work together as an association to reach our own community for Christ. It's led by a ''Consulting Company.'' When we were an hour into that session, it was like God tapped me on the shoulder and asked, ''Now do you understand?'' And I did.

Today I want to invite each one of us into the ''Upper Room.'' The Upper Room is more than a geographical location, it is much more. It is a place where we meet Christ, know Christ, and think like Christ. Sadly, most people (unknowingly) live in the ''LOWER ROOM''. We think like, live like, and get stressed in the ''Lower Room'' over the issues of the lesser importance.

The Upper Room is a ...

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