by Jeff Strite

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How to Succeed at Just About Anything (2 of 3)
Series: Technicolor Faith
Jeff Strite
Genesis 39:1-23

OPEN: Back in the 80's I read about an enthusiastic but somewhat unscrupulous salesman who was waiting to see the purchasing agent of the engineering firm. The salesman was there to submit his company's bid, or price quote, for a particular job. He couldn't help but notice, however, that a competitor's bid was on the purchasing agent's desk. Unfortunately, the actual figure was covered by a can of juice. The temptation to see the amount quoted became too much, so the salesman lifted the can. His heart sank as he watched thousands of BB's pour from the bottomless can and scatter across the floor.

Do you think he ever got business with that company again???

APPLY: That salesman wanted to be successful.
He wanted to get that contract. And so he saw an opportunity.
… all he had to do was ''cheat a little bit''
… all he had to do was touch something that wasn't his to touch
… all he had to do was (pause…) look
It was only ''one look.'' No one would know. No one would really get hurt (except the other salesman).

He probably thought to himself: He deserved this sale. People who play by the rules finish last. The other salesman would probably do the same - why should he be a chump? Any and every excuse probably ran through his mind.
He wanted to succeed. And all he had to do to get the sale, get ahead in his business, was compromise ''just a little.''

(… pause)

I. Joseph had been given a dream
He was going to be a great man. Others would bow down to him. He would be important. He would be a success in life.

But then things went horribly wrong. His brothers (filled with hate because of his dreams) beat him up and sold him into slavery. He was deprived of his home, his family, his very way of life.
He's been hauled away in chains and sold like some cow or sheep at market. And his dreams of greatness - they've ripped away from him much like h ...

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