by Jeff Schreve

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A Divine Appointment (3 of 4)
Series: Witness: Shine For Christ; Share Your Story
Jeff Schreve
Acts 8:25-40

Well, we're in a series called ''Witness.'' We're learning how to shine for Christ, and to share our story. And when you wake up every morning, I want those two words, shine and share, to just be on your mind and on your heart. What is my job as a Christian? It's to witness. It's to shine for Christ and to share what great things the Lord has done for you.

Well, today, we want to look at a message I've entitled ''A Divine Appointment.'' Some people say, ''Well, what does it mean to have a divine appointment? I've heard that used sometimes in churches and Christian circles and things, a divine appointment. What exactly is that?'' Well, everybody knows about a perfect storm. You know a perfect storm is when circumstances are just right, and many of us saw that movie. It was all these storms coming together for the perfect storm. Well, that's for a bad thing. But a divine appointment is for an awesome thing. It's for a wonderful thing. It's God orchestrating all the particulars to bring a sinner, together with a soul winner, a sinner who is ripe and ready to hear the gospel, together with a soul winner who is prepared to share the gospel. And He brings them together at the right time, at the right moment, and there is salvation that takes place because of that divine appointment. Now the Bible is filled with stories of divine appointments. I mean, Jesus had divine appointments all over the gospels. Everywhere He went, well, He's divine, so I guess any appointment He had we could technically call that a divine appointment. But He would meet people, and they would be ripe and ready. Last week we talked about the woman at the well. She was so ready to hear about Jesus, and there was a divine appointment. He said, ''I must go through Samaria.'' Why? ''Because there's a woman I'm meeting at noon, in Sychar at Jacob's well.'' That was a divine appointment.


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