by Jerry Watts

Graduation - My Needed Tools
Jerry Watts
Ephesians 4:1-6

This is a day of celebration. We have a large group of people who are celebrating 'graduation.' Most of us seem to have the wrong concept about graduation, I know I did when I graduated. Most people believe graduation to be the 'end.' Certainly, it ends a chapter in your life, you have now completed some level of learning, and perhaps you are proficient in something. But to graduate is not THE END. Education was never intended to teach you ALL you need to know in life, rather it simply equips you with the mental tools you need to live life. However, whether you are graduation from Nursery School, Middle School, High School, College, Seminary or some other upper level degree, there is still much work (learning) to be done. As you graduate, you are merely turning the page in your life that ENDS one chapter and BEGINS another one.

Think about it like this: The actually 'graduation convocation is called ''Commencement.'' When something 'commences', it starts. That is what is happening for many of you today. You have been rated proficient in your previous studies and now, you are beginning a new day. Presently, you are making choices. Some choose college (good choice), some choose trade school (good choice), and some choose military service (good choice but it comes with inherent risks), some choose marriage (hmmm…), while others choose to begin their careers. In other words, this is kind of a 'fork' in the road. Yogi Berra said, ''When you come to a fork in the road, take it!'' Makes perfect sense to me.

Today, my heart's desire was and is to give a word from God's word to our graduates which would not only help them as they open a new chapter of their lives, but also would help every person who hears it. Hebrews tells us that ''God's word is living and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword.'' This means that God's message can and will touch every heart. (TEXT)

For my two-cents worth, Eph ...

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