by Jerry Watts

The Crowd vs. The Christ
Jerry Watts
Matthew 27:22

What words comes to your mind when you hear the term ''Radical?'' (I.E. drastic, thorough, sweeping, extreme, militant, fanatical, revolutionary, uncompromising)

What are you radical about? Every person in this room has something about which you are radical. Some are radical about their families, jobs, making money, sports, hobbies, avocation, and much more. I suggest that being radical could involve 'flags on your vehicle' or 'logos on your car' stating which sports team you support. Perhaps radical is one who wears clothing which bears the name (or number) of a race car driver. The list can go on and on.

The interesting thing is that bias what is considered radical seems to be subjective. While I suggested that flags, logos, and clothing, could be termed as radical support for a team or a person, many of us would counter, ''That's not radical, but rather, it's just being a fan.''

In this sense for the last 5+ years, my heart has been to challenge every one of us to become a 'fan' of Jesus. To do the same things for Jesus as we do our 'sports heroes', is to not be called fans, but fanatics. Why is that? Why is it that the church is losing her influence, that believers are losing their witness, and that the hunger for Christ is waning? To honestly look at the modern day, Americanized church, is to ask the question, ''What is different about us today as opposed to those believers of the past?'' I have wondered until recently.

Dr. David Platt, Senior Pastor of the Church at Brook Hills, has written a book entitled, ''RADICAL'' (show cover). Within the pages of this book I have discovered some sobering ''Bible'' principles which cut at my heart because of the ways we have seemingly rationalized, ignored, and even dismissed some of the principles which Jesus taught and expected. If we are honest before our Lord, some of the things which the church in America today thinks are important, Jesus despises; ...

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