by Jerry Watts

A Tower That Won't Fall
Jerry Watts
Proverbs 18:10-11

It was a beautiful morning, a light breeze coming off the waters. The sun was on the rise and the soldiers were enjoying every minute of their military duty, thanking God and counting themselves lucky for where they had been stationed. Some were going off the night shift, some just getting up to head to church, work or to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning, and maybe some were sleeping off the hangover they received the night before, most of them for sure were asleep. Little did they know that within a matter of hours, their world would be turned upside down, many of them killed and practically a whole fleet of battleships sunk. On September 6th, 1941, Journalist Clarke Beach wrote this: ''A Japanese attack on Hawaii is regarded as the most unlikely thing in the world, with one chance in a million of being successful. Besides having more powerful defenses than any other post under the American Flag, it is protected by distance.''

In 1941, that one chance in a million happened and again in 2001 it happened. (Video - Tribute to the Victims of September 11) (Prayer for the families) With a great deal of respect for and sympathy towards those who lost loved ones; if mankind, and more to the point, Americans, does not learn from our past, history is apt to repeat. This will only result in more casualties and deaths.

The Twin Towers were said to be a symbol of the greatness of America. Economically, architecturally, and even in Construction, the two towers said to the world that ''America is #1''. It would serve us well to remember that there is nothing mankind can build that is indestructible. If man can build it, it can and will be destroyed. If we are not safe in such grand structures, then where is safety found? The situation and solution is found in God's Word (text)

The Situation - we face is written here in scripture. First, take a look at verse 11. The cultural truth in America is that our money has be ...

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