by Stan Coffey

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America's Terrorist Threat: How Can You Be Safe? (1 of 5)
Stan Coffey
Psalm 46

I'd like to invite your attention this morning to the 46th Psalm. As we speak on the topic of "The New Terrorist Threat: How Can You Be Safe?" (Read Psalm 46)

The Lord almighty is with us. The God of Jacob is our fortress. I've been much in prayer over the past week about this message. Like everyone else I've been saddened. I've been shocked and startled by the events of September 11th and all the days that have followed as we have seen on our TV screens and read in our newspapers about the tragedy that has unfolded and the attacks by the cowardly terrorists as they came against Washington DC and New York City and the World Trade Center. I come to you this morning from three perspectives.

1. I want to come from the perspective of a patriot. I love the United States of America. I love this country with my heart and with my soul. My call through all these years of ministry as a pastor has been to bring America back to God. To bring America to that place of spiritual renewal and spiritual strength, that we can be that nation that God can put His hand on and that God can bless. You know, as I've watched many of these events unfold I'm so encouraged with the way America has united and the way people from every race and every background have come together and worked together to show that although we may differ in our religions, we may differ in our languages, we may differ in our backgrounds and in our origins, but when it comes to defense of our nation we stand together united as a nation against any foe that would come against us.

I guess one of the most inspiring stories to me in this recent day was that of the passengers on the flight that crashed near Pittsburgh, PA. The Attorney General gave the report that on the tape recording on the black box that it revealed a wild struggle ensued because these passengers had called their loved ones and their f ...

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