by Stan Coffey

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Boldness in Prayer (18 of 20)
Series: Blessed Assurance
Dr. Stan Coffey
I John 5:14-15

(Read I John 5:14-15)

Let's go to the Lord in prayer for a moment. Father in heaven, I pray that you'd come and make us aware, Lord, of the presence of the Holy Spirit. God, help us to understand that the same confidence that we have about our salvation, we can have about prayer. Lord, I pray that you'd create in us a hunger for boldness in prayer; and I pray, Lord, that you'd anoint this message and make it real to the hearts of all. Father, quicken tired bodies and tired minds. Lord, I pray that through the supernatural moving of the Spirit of God, that you'll meet the needs in every heart and every life in this place. For we ask it in Jesus' blessed name, amen.The Bible talks about the assurance of our salvation repeatedly in I John. In this passage, he's talking about the assurance that we have in prayer, Boldness in Prayer, confidence before God in prayer. Again and again in I John, the word ''confidence'' is used. In I John 2:28, he talks about having confidence before Jesus when He comes the second time, about not being ashamed when we stand before Him. Then in I John 3:21, he talks about confidence toward God. Now he talks about confidence in coming to God in prayer.

We can have assurance, boldness, and confidence as we come to pray, as we come to ask God to save souls, as we ask God to meet the needs of our lives. As we think about that thing in our life that is so prevalent, that thing that we need God to intervene in in a supernatural way, then we can come to have boldness as we go to God in prayer. We can come to have confidence in God as we pray for God's blessings upon us as a church, as we ask for specific things. We can go to the throne of grace not as a trembling servant coming before some cruel dictator, but we can come to the place in our lives where we come to God with the heart of a child who comes to a loving father, knowing that that father w ...

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