IS IT OF GOD? (14 OF 20)

by Stan Coffey

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Is It of God? (14 of 20)
Dr. Stan Coffey
I John 4:1-6

(Read I John 4:1-6 and II John 7-11)

John is telling us not to believe everything that we hear, not to receive everything that comes our way, not to believe every piece of material that we receive in the mail, not to believe every radio broadcast that is broadcast into our cars and into our homes, not to believe everything that we see on television, not to receive every person as a prophet of God. In fact, he tells us that before we believe anything and before we receive anything as from God, we need to put it to the test - whether it is of God. That's because there are two forces in the world, and there are two spirits in the world, and there's a titanic struggle going on in the world today. There is the spirit of Satan, and there is the Spirit of God. There is demonic spirit, and there is the Holy Spirit. So he tells us to believe not every spirit.

It is the purpose of Satan to control a man and speak through a man and to confront your mind with error that you might be blinded and that you might be deceived. But it's the purpose of God to speak through a man and to speak through material and to speak through his Word and to speak through his Spirit to you so that your mind will be confronted with the truth. The Bible says, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Lies from the devil do nothing but enslave you, do nothing but oppress you, do nothing but lead you astray. But the truth of God always sets you free to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to be what He wants you to be.

Now as we look at this passage of scripture, we're going to see three things. We see the false prophets, the faithful preachers, and the fearless people. We see how to apply the Word of God so that we can test whether or not a preacher, whether or not a movement, whether or not a doctrine, whether or not a teaching or a teacher, is of God or is of the devil. So the questi ...

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