by Stan Coffey

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Love is the Theme (13 of 20)
Dr. Stan Coffey
I John 4:7-14

Love is the Theme of the Word of God, and it's the theme in I John. Not very long ago, I spoke about the Christian's love life; now I want to take up again the theme of love, and we'll be speaking on love again, because John comes back to love again and again as one of the most important parts of the Christian life. The vital part of a Christian life is this matter of love and having love toward God and love toward others.

(Read I John 4:7-14)

Love is the theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. From beginning to end, God is a god of love. In the above passage, I John 4:8b is one of the most tremendous statements about God in all of the Bible: "God is love." That's one of the verses that we teach the preschoolers and the nursery children. We teach them fundamentally and primarily that God is love, that God loves them. I hope that you'll learn afresh and anew for your own heart that God loves you.In the gospel of John, John says that God is Spirit. In I John, he has told us that God is light. Now he comes to say that God is love; the very nature and essence of love is to be found in God. The apostle John felt very, very special in regard to the love of God. In his gospel, the fourth gospel of the New Testament, he referred to himself in a very unique way: that disciple that Jesus loved. He was talking about himself.

I read that, and I thought, "Well now, John, don't you know that Jesus loved all the other disciples, too? I mean Jesus loved Peter and Andrew and Philip and all of those." Yet John refers to himself as that disciple that Jesus loved. It was because he felt that Jesus loved him in such a special way, that Jesus loved him in such a personal way, that Jesus loved him as though he were the only person on the face of the earth. I hope that if you're a Christian, you'll feel like that. I hope that you will feel that you are the disciple tha ...

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