by Stan Coffey

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Three Tests of Your Assurance (4 of 20)
Series: Blessed Assurance
Stan Coffey
1 John 2:3-11

(Read I John 2:3-11 KJV)

The word ''know'' is used 39 times in five chapters in I John. Again and again he talks about knowing; he talks about being assured. I like the fact that God is not a God of doubt, but God is a God of assurance; God is a God of belief; God is a God of faith.

Assurance of salvation is so fundamental to the Christian life and so important to the Christian life because your joy is based on your assurance. You'll never have the joy that John writes about when he says, ''I want your joy to be full,'' until you have the assurance that the Holy Spirit of God lives in you and that you are indeed a child of God, and nothing in this world or in the world to come will ever change that. Not only that, but also your growth depends upon whether or not you have assurance.

D. L. Moody, the great evangelist, once said, ''I have never seen an effective Christian who did not have the assurance of his salvation.'' Assurance is necessary if you're to grow in the Christian life, if you're to be an effective witness for Jesus. If you're to bring anybody else to Christ, it's important that you know beyond any doubt that you're saved. That's fundamental. It's important.

I just say to you, if you don't have this assurance, then you shouldn't leave this place until you do have it. If you don't know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you're saved, then you should not leave this auditorium tonight until you know. If you know that you're saved and you have that assurance, then tonight you can just praise the Lord that the Bible confirms in this passage the assurance that God has already given to you.

Three times in this passage, John uses the phrase, ''He that saith.'' It's talking about professions that people make, the profession of faith in Christ. Three times when he uses this phrase, ''he that saith,'' he uses it to introduce a test whereby you can kno ...

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