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BLESSED. Our vision has never been to just receive blessings from God, but to receive and give blessing. To bless others is the right way to live, it is the right perspective on life, and it is the purpose behind God blessing you. You are blessed and God desires to pour multiple blessings into your life far beyond what you can imagine.

Defining ''Blessed''

Blessed: I am chosen, favored, and deeply loved by God who seeks ways to bless me and use me to bless others. I will freely take all I am given and use it to bless others!

Blessed person: To know, feel, and relish God's affirmation, assurance, acceptance, and approval. Blessed people know they are chosen, cherished, and valued.

Blessings: The transmission or endowment of the power of God's goodness and favor poured into my life

Key verse: Genesis 12:2

''Then I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great so that you will exemplify divine blessing.''

''I will make you'' (Heb.) - perform a special work within you, fashion, create, prepare you for what God has for you

''I will bless you'' (Heb.) - sovereign God sets a course, a purpose, a destiny to bless you. No one can stop it or turn it around. (See Numbers 23:20)

''Make your name great'' (Heb) - Exalted, honored, to have high status, enlarged both in magnitude and extent, riches, power, influence, to value you highly

''You bless others'' (Heb) - From God through you, the source is God's storehouse, God's ability to bless others through you

Positioned for blessing

positioned in christ

Being positioned for blessing starts with our spiritual alignment to God through Christ. Our soul prospers as we align our decisions, thoughts, and desires to the Word of God and divine principles. Blessings flow freely! We are blessed because we are in Christ, redeemed from the curse, and set in a special place to receive ab ...

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