by Dave Gustavsen

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Jesus, Continued - Identity Part 1 (1 of 16)
Series: Acts
Dave Gustavsen
Acts 1:1-11


So, after Jesus rose from the dead…what happens next?

Most of you were probably in church last week, right? Easter Sunday? (Did anybody miss church on Easter? Anyone sleep in on Easter? You'd never admit it!). And I would say that most of you sat in church on Easter, and you were reminded about the resurrection of Christ, and inwardly, you said, ''Yes! I believe that!'' So you have this inner belief.

But for some of you there's this disconnect. Because you look at your life, and if you're brutally honest, there's not much outward evidence of that inner faith. I mean, if you're really honest. And for some of you, that disconnect has been going on for years! And maybe you have faithfully attended church, but it's like there's something that's blocking your faith from coming out and just defining who you are!

And here's the thing: if the resurrection of Christ is true-and it is!-it should change everything. And it can! And it will…if you'll let him!

You know what I heard several people say last month? It was right after the floods, and these were people who had stepped up and they went into flood-damaged homes, and they served in the name of Christ. And several people told me that was a life-changing experience, because their outward actions matched up with their inner faith. And for some of those people, that touched something deep inside, because they know that's how we're meant to live. And they want more of that.

And guys, the timing is perfect! Because we're starting a brand new study today on all three campuses of Jacksonville Chapel. And we're going to study the book of Acts. And Acts is basically the story of what happened when a group of people believed in the resurrection of Christ, and they allowed their actions to flow out of their faith. And this is historical; it's biographical; it's dramatic; and it will be highly personal if you allow it ...

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