by Dave Gustavsen

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Conversion Story - Power Part 2 (7 of 16)
Series: Acts
Dave Gustavsen
Acts 8:26-40

Open to Acts 8.

I have a friend named Brian who's on staff with a campus ministry at Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio. And normally they work with students, but they also network with the faculty a lot. And recently they held an event on the campus, and I want to read you what Brian wrote about it…

I walked across the campus and ducked into the door of Ohio University's business college. Students and faculty were gathering in a large lecture hall. I took my seat in the last row, the only row with empty seats. Soon, a student came to the lectern and welcomed everyone to a presentation entitled, ''What they can't say in the classroom.'' Then, one by one, four professors stepped to the microphone and began to tell their story. There were no economics lectures, no business or marketing models, no Power Point slides; rather, the four professors talked about how they had come to know Jesus Christ…It was powerful. Here were four professors in the business college talking to future leaders in business about Jesus.

The first thing [that struck me] was that three of these instructors came to know Christ while they were faculty at Ohio University-the other one just after he began graduate school. Think about that for a moment-people who have made a career of research and study-people who have all the answers-people who walk into classrooms and strike fear into students' hearts; yet, they were softened by the Spirit of God and responded to the gospel

There is something amazing about a story of conversion-when a person says, ''I used to be this way, but now I'm this way, because of God.'' There's something about that, that makes people sit up and pay attention-because it's so personal. And especially when the person talking is the kind of person that seems unlikely to need God. You know what I mean? Because they're intelligent; they're successful; they seem to have it all togeth ...

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