by Dave Gustavsen

Matured by Motherhood: A Mother's Day Sermon
Dave Gustavsen
James 1:2-5

Would you open your Bible to James chapter one.

(PRAY-especially for singles, women with no children)

Every mother here knows that motherhood can be a joyful experience. When you get that homemade birthday card, or that unprovoked hug. When you see your child accomplish something, or succeed at something. Deeply joyful things.

Every mother also knows that motherhood can be a funny experience. I'll never forget, when my son Jonathan was about two years old, and we had been having some problems with mice in our house. So I bought a bunch of mouse traps and loaded them up with peanut butter, and put them around the kitchen. Then the next morning Norma Jean and I came downstairs, and here came our two-year-old up from the basement, and he was carrying something. It was a dead mouse-still in the trap!

So we said, ''Jonathan, what are you doing with that?!'' And we grabbed it from him, and started scrubbing his hands in the sink. And we said, ''What were you doing with the mouse down there?'' And he said, ''I was petting him while I watched TV.'' You know-totally innocent-he had found a new little stuffed animal to play with.

And I'm sure all the moms in this room could tell you equally funny stories about their own kids.

Motherhood is joyful; it's funny; but let me add one more thing: Motherhood can also be incredibly difficult. Wouldn't you agree? Sometimes it's because of the sheer monotony: unloading the dishwasher for the 10,000th time…putting away the laundry…again.

Sometimes it's hard because you deal with physical sickness: getting woken up at 2:30 in the morning to find out that the stomach virus has now infected all of your kids. And it's clean up time. Or maybe you've had to deal with something much worse than a stomach virus.

Sometimes it's difficult because kids have a mind of their own and a will of their own, and even when you do a pretty good job of pare ...

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