by Dave Gustavsen

You Raise Me Up: A Mother's Day Sermon
Dave Gustavsen
Ephesians 5:1

Open to Ephesians 5.


James Dobson tells the story of a mother who was sick in bed. She had the flu. And her little daughter wanted so much to be a good nurse. So she brought mom an extra pillow, and she brought her a magazine to read. And then she even showed up with a surprise cup of tea. And her mother took a sip of the tea, and she said, ''Wow! I didn't even know you knew how to make tea!'' And the girl said, ''Oh, yes. I learned by watching you. I put some water in the pot, and then I put the tea leaves in, and I boiled the water, and then I strained it into a cup. But I couldn't find the strainer, so I used the flyswatter instead.'' And her mother said, ''You what?!'' And the girl said, ''Oh, don't worry, mom. I didn't use the new flyswatter; I used the old one.''

If you're a mother, I'll bet you've got stories just as gross as that! Right? And you laugh about it now, but when it was happening, maybe not so much!

Being a mom is not so easy! I heard about one woman who said, ''Before I was married, I had three theories about raising children. Now, I have three children and no theories.'' Can anybody relate to that?

If you're a mother, you know that motherhood can be messy, and at times frustrating, and exhausting. And there are no foolproof formulas. Right? Kids are different. And you can raise two kids exactly the same, and they might turn out very differently!

Being a mom is not easy! And so today, it is very appropriate and right to pause and say ''Thank You'' to our mothers, and to honor them, and thank God for them.

At the same time, I know that Mother's Day can be a very difficult day for some of you. For lots of different reasons. Maybe your mother is no longer alive, and you really miss her. Or maybe you don't have a very good relationship with your mother. Or maybe you'd love to be a mother, and that just hasn't happened. So if Mother's Day is a pain ...

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