by Jerry Watts

A Life of Order
Jerry Watts
Matthew 6:25-34

The pastor of Celebration church in Jacksonville Florida rights of the story; Celebration church rented a billboard which featured my picture along with these words ''Your Life, God's Way.'' As he communicates the results that came from that billboard he writes, ''Despite the blinding vibrancy of my 'lime green' shirt, we got great response to that billboard. A lot of people this to celebration and made it their home. What drew people was not my friendly yet penetrating face, but the ad offered a different approach to the one thing everyone is concerned about and was probably mulling over on their way to work! ''My life.''''

Everyone is really concerned about this thing of ''my life''. Possibly everyone here has had the same thoughts at one time or another:

My life is a mess.
My life is going great.
My life doesn't matter.
My life is about to change.
My life is falling apart.
My life has no purpose.
My life is to be easy.
My life is depressing.
My life is over the top amazing.
My life doesn't make sense.

I don't know what you actually feel about your life right now. Perhaps you are at the highest mountain peak of life that you have been on years, perhaps sure in the lowest Valley that you've experienced in years, maybe you have the busiest life you can imagine, or maybe your life is so even keeled that you consider it boring; but wherever you are, God knows. Where ever you feel like you are, the Lord can make it better. It is simply a matter of doing life God's way, by his design, and by living a life ordered His way. How does this happen? Let me suggest where to begin.

Begin with the ''Centerpiece of your life.'' What is the centerpiece of your life? Or better ask, ''What is the center of your life?'' What is it for you that 'everything revolves' around?'' If we are honest, the answer to this question can be painful. Not because we are bad or ungodly people, but because we have drifted ...

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