by Dave Gustavsen

A Thankful Heart
Dave Gustavsen
Numbers 11:4-6

So there was this monastery where all the monks had to take a vow of silence. And they were only permitted to speak once every seven years, when they appeared before the bishop. And even then, they were only allowed to say two words. So Peter the monk entered this monastery, took his vow of silence, and after seven years he appeared before the bishop, and the bishop said, ''You may speak.'' And Peter the Monk said, ''Bed hard.'' And he went back to the monastery; seven years later he appeared before the bishop; bishop said, ''You may speak.'' And the monk said, ''Room cold.'' Seven more years went by; he appeared before the bishop again; the bishop said, ''You may speak.'' And the monk said, ''Food bad.'' Seven years later he came in again; bishop said, ''You may speak.'' And Peter the monk said, ''I quit.'' And the bishop said, ''You know, it doesn't surprise me. Ever since you got here, you have not stopped complaining!

Okay-I have a question for you on the night before Thanksgiving: What is going on in your heart? It's probably the most important question you can ever answer, and it's really important to ask it tonight. What's going on in your heart? Do you find yourself-when you have an opportunity to speak-complaining about life? Do you find yourself a little cranky…a little stressed out…a little discontent? What's going on in your heart?

And remember: when the Bible talks about your heart, it's not talking mostly about your emotions. Sometimes when we hear the word ''heart,'' we think ''feelings and emotions.'' But the Bible uses the word ''heart'' in a much deeper way. Because your heart is the deepest part of who you are. It's the real you. Remember what God said through Isaiah the prophet? He said, ''These people worship me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.'' So your heart is the real you.

And so my question is, on the night before this day that we set aside to be thankful…wh ...

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