by Dave Gustavsen

A Holiday Heart Checkup
Dave Gustavsen
Luke 17:19


On the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims realized how much God had blessed them, so they gathered together to give thanks. Right?

Well, not according to some recent children's books about the Pilgrims. Chuck Colson wrote about one of the new books that's being offered to our kids-it's called ''The First Thanksgiving,'' by Jean Craighead George, and it's very enlightening, because it tells us the real history of Thanksgiving. You ready? The reason the Pilgrims left Europe had nothing to do with their faith! It was actually to ''seek their fortune in the new world.'' Isn't that fascinating? And it says the reason they gathered on that first Thanksgiving Day was actually not to give thanks, but it was just-and I quote-''pure celebration.'' Aren't you glad somebody finally straightened you out?

There was a fourth grader who had to write a report about the origin of Thanksgiving, and because of all this politically correct stuff he was hearing, this is what he wrote: ''The Pilgrims came here seeking freedom of you know what. When they landed, they gave thanks to you know who. Because of them, we can worship each Sunday, you know where.''

What a loss it is for our children when they're not told the real story of Thanksgiving! And when you read the writings of people who were actually there-on that first Thanksgiving Day-it is so obvious that their hearts were overflowing with gratefulness because of all that God had done.

And you know what? I want my kids to know that! I want them to see examples of thankfulness, because I want them to be thankful people! I don't want them to be like that little four-year-old girl who came to the Thanksgiving table, and she was cranky and critical. And she started complaining about every dish on the table-you know, ''I don't like this…this is gross…that's yucky.'' And her father was desperately hoping to change the mood, so he asked the little girl to give the ...

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