by Dave Gustavsen

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Christmas through the Eyes of Joseph (1 of 3)
Series: Christmas Through Their Eyes
Dave Gustavsen
Matthew 1:18-25

Good morning.

If you are like most people, when you get into mid-December, and when you hear the word ''Christmas,'' it has a million associations in your mind. Right? You start to think about family traditions, and who you need to buy gifts for, and what church services you're going to attend, and how you're going to try to help the poor this year better than you did last year, and if you're cooking for people, the million details of that, and we're going to have all those people in our living room, but I hate that couch, so maybe it's time to get a new one, and why didn't that thing I ordered on Amazon come yet?-I hope someone didn't steal it off my front porch, and when are we getting the tree, and why does half the strand of lights always seem to go out, and don't forget to give a tip to the mailman!, and you should probably give something to the trash collectors too-but what about the recycling guys-they work just as hard!, but what if the guys who come around during the holidays aren't the regular guys because the regular guys are on vacation? I don't want to tip the wrong guys! And when is that school holiday concert?-I hope we don't have to sit through the band AND the choir again-can we just slip in and watch our kid, and quietly slip out?...And shouldn't we send out a nice family picture, like all those perfect families do?-we should have taken it on the beach last summer, and we could have all worn jeans and matching white shirts-but it's too late for that-everybody put on a sweater and get by the tree now!

Isn't Christmas great? Like it or not, in our culture, we have built up so much tradition around Christmas. And a lot of it is good! A lot of it helps us to celebrate the birth of Jesus in beautiful ways. But there's also a danger in traditions. You know what it is? The traditions can consume so much of our energy, and so mu ...

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