by Ernest Easley

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The Resurrection and the Life - Part 1 (7 of 11)
Series: I Am
Ernest L. Easley
John 11:17-27

How many of you have ever had a mid-life crisis? Perhaps you're considering one. It usually occurs in men between age 40 and 60 and is considered a ''normal part of the maturing process.''

My wife tells me that mine occurred when I turned 50. I hope she's correct because that means I'm going to live to 100! You say, ''Ernest, what happened when you turned 50 to cause Julie to think that you were going through a mid-life crisis?'' Well, I suppose it was when I came home with a Harley motorcycle. For her, that was proof enough that my mid-life crisis was in full swing!

So now for seven years, I've enjoyed riding my Hog without incident, until a couple of weeks ago. I was riding down Burnt Hickory enjoying a nice cool breeze when suddenly something struck the right sleeve of my jacket. I didn't think much of it for about 15 seconds until suddenly, I felt a painful stick on my forearm. Somehow, either a wasp or hornet had flown under my jacket sleeve and stung me on my forearm.

So, I'm driving 40 mph down Burnt Hickory slapping the outside of my sleeve trying to kill it. Well, apparently, as I slapped my sleeve, I moved it to under my arm where it proceeded to sting me four more times.

I knew I had to pull over and deal with it. So, after quickly pulling over, I threw off my jacket as fast as I could and started swinging it around trying to remove the wasp or hornet from my sleeve.

I never saw it. But I did see where he had stung me, once on the forearm and four times under my forearm and the five dime-size whelps were there to prove it. He would have continued stinging me had he not deposited his stinger in my arm!

Once his stinger was removed, he became harmless and painless. No stinger, no stinging!

Now look up here for a moment: when Jesus arose from the grave, His resurrection turned death into a wasp without a stinger! The stinger was lodged in ...

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