by Stan Coffey

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The Strategy Of The Enemy (9 of 12)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Joshua 9:2-21

We're going to be reading several verses in Joshua 9. As we've moved through the book of Joshua, we've learned that one victory does not necessarily mean a victorious war. On the other hand, a defeat does not necessarily mean an ultimate loss of the war. But we've learned that the people of God have to move from victory unto victory, and we've learned there's something that can be done when we're defeated by the devil. I want you to observe that as Joshua and the people of God begin to possess their possessions, we come to Joshua 9. They've already been victorious in some instances; they've already begun to take possession of all that God had promised them. They begin to claim the promises of God.

I want you to notice in Joshua 9:2 what happened. As they moved out in faith, and as they claimed the promises of God, something very significant takes place. The Bible says that the enemies of the people of God - notice it says - "They gathered themselves together, to fight with Joshua and with Israel, with one accord." The reaction of the enemy to the people of God moving from victory unto victory was to gather all of their forces together and come against the people of Israel with one accord. When you begin to live a spirit-filled life, and when you begin to believe the promises of God, and you begin to take possession of all that God has for you, and you determine you're going to be all that God wants you to be, then this is exactly what Satan will do. Satan will unite his forces to come against your life. When I find somebody who's struggling with temptation, who's just heavy under the burden, who says, "The load is so great, it seems like I just have to struggle through every day. The devil's just fighting me on every hand; he's around every corner; he's coming against me constantly." Then I say, "Praise God," for here is a person who has determined to be all that God wants him ...

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