by Stan Coffey

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Recovering Lost Ground (7 of 12)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Joshua 8:1 and 30-35

Now I want to remind you that in Joshua 1-6, Israel has experienced one marvelous victory after another. They came to the walls of Jericho and followed the plan of God, and the Bible tells us that by faith the walls of Jericho fell down. And then they came to the city of Ai. Because of sin in the camp of Israel, the Bible says they suffered the most humiliating defeat that we can imagine. Israel went from glorious victory to shameful defeat.

And I'm talking to Christians today who know what it is to go from a glorious victory to a shameful defeat. One of the most difficult things to do is to recover ground that you've lost as a Christian. There are Christians today who suffered defeat ten and fifteen and twenty years ago who have never recovered the ground that they lost. There are Christians who have been confronted with temptation and trial, and when they failed, they stopped; they gave up; they washed out; they quit; they turned back. And in this message I want to discuss with you how to recover lost ground. Because you see, Joshua lost ground. He won the victory at Jericho; he suffered defeat at Ai.

God shows us in this chapter how to recover ground when we lose it. There are some Christians who used to be fervent in prayer, who used to be zealous in service, who used to be concerned for lost souls, who used to have the hand of God upon them in a mighty way, who have lost ground. You need to regain it; you need to recover the ground that you've lost. Thirty minutes of willful disobedience to God can result in thirty years out of blessing, and that's exactly where a lot of Christians are.

Joshua 7 ends with Israel in the valley of Achor. What does that mean? The valley of Achor is the valley of trouble. And there are some of you in trouble. If you're not in Christ, you're in trouble, amen? If you're not in the abundant life, you're in trouble. If you're n ...

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