by Stan Coffey

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Crossing over the Jordan (4 of 12)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Joshua 3:1-6, 13-17

They are crossing over into the promised land. And I'll just remind you that Egypt in the Bible is a type of life without Jesus. Being in Egypt means that a person is lost, that they are under the oppression of Satan, that they are in the bondage of sin, that they are not free, that they are bond, that they are under the condemnation and the cruel taskmaster of sin. And the Bible teaches us that when the Israelites came out of Egypt under the blood of the Lamb, it's typical of us coming out of sin into salvation. Through the miracle of the new birth, we pass out of Egypt, and we pass into the wilderness. And then we know they wondered in the wilderness for forty years, and that's typical of what we call a carnal Christian experience. And there is a legitimate wilderness wandering; there is a time when a person is a babe in Christ. But a person is not to stay in the wilderness; a person is not to stay a babe in Christ. A person is to mature in his faith; a person is to become all that God saved him to be. And yet many Christians are still wandering in the wilderness. They've come out of Egypt; they've been saved; they've said, ''I have decided to follow Jesus; I'll give my live to Christ; I'll be born again; I'll become a child of God.'' But they're not enjoying all that God has for them. They have just enough religion to make them miserable. It seems like that they're not committed enough to serve the Lord; they're afraid to serve the devil. They're living with one foot in the world and one foot in God's territory, and it makes them miserable all the time. They have a dreadful, sorrowful kind of wilderness experience.

Now Canaan, the promised land, is the land of conquest, and it is the land of victory. Some people think that Canaan represents heaven. You know, a lot of our songs say that in our hymnal; it relates Canaan to heaven and the promised land to heaven. But the promised land ...

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