by Stan Coffey

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How To Be A Spiritual Success (2 of 12)
Dr. Stan Coffey
Joshua 1:7-9

I want to speak on How To Be a Spiritual Success. Joshua is a book about victory, about how to drive the enemy out, about how to overcome the problems, how to bring the walled cities down, how to overcome Satan. It's a book about how to have courage and how to have strength in living and how to take the possessions that God has given to us. And two weeks ago we opened this series of messages with a message called Qualifications for Spiritual Leadership because I believe that God is in the process of calling out spiritual leaders in this church for the purpose of building a great witness for God in the city of Amarillo.

And I said three things from Joshua 1 two weeks ago; I said that if you're going to be a spiritual leader, be a Joshua, be one who can take command of leadership and be one who can be used as a leader for God, you first of all must have availability - not ability, but availability. Because the Bible points out that Joshua, when he was faced with the great task of taking over the leadership of the people, stepping into the shoes of Moses, that great man of God, the Bible points out that Joshua was afraid because God said, "Don't be afraid." Joshua was weak because God said, "Be strong." And Joshua was very discouraged because God said, "Be of good courage." But Joshua was available to God, and God used him because he made his life available. And then the second ingredient if you're going to be a spiritual leader, not only must there be availability, but there must be dependability. God cannot use people no matter what talents they may have if He cannot depend upon them to be in their places and be where He wants them to be. They must be faithful. And every time you find Joshua in the Bible, he's in the battle, he's fighting, he's where God wants him to be. He's dependable. And the third thing about being a spiritual leader is you must be adaptable to the will of ...

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