by Stan Coffey

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The Season Of Decision (7 of 7)
The Seasons of Life
Dr. Stan Coffey
Acts 2:37-41

This is the last of the series of messages on the seasons of life. Last week we talked about the season of waiting; many of you commented that you needed that message last week. And today we're talking about "The Season of Decision." We're talking specifically today about the big decisions in your life, the time when the Lord is dealing with you and the Lord has made a need known to you, and you need to decide to go the Lord's way. And it could be about your salvation; it might be about your Christian life, allowing Jesus to have control of every area of your life. It might be a decision about your faithfulness or a decision to join the church or some other spiritual decision that you need to make in your life, maybe about a place of service where God wants you to serve. There come those times in our lives that are seasons of decision. Now what we need to understand is that at any given point in time in a corporate worship time like this, it might be a very critical time for several individuals in this place. And I know that always we are in a spirit of prayer because we know that every time we come together, there are those who are struggling with decision.

In Acts 2 we have the record of the Spirit of God being poured out on the Day of Pentecost and the church actually being birthed and brought into existence through the power of the Holy Spirit. And it began when 3,000 people were saved after hearing the sermon preached by Simon Peter. The apostles and other believers had been meeting for 120 days in prayer. And after 120 days of prayer when the Day of Pentecost came, God was ready to begin a new work in the world that continues until Jesus comes again. And so we're going to look at this season of decision in the lives of these people.

They had heard the message; notice their response in Acts 2:37: "When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart ...

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