by Dave Gustavsen

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Chief of Sinners (2 of 11)
Series: 1 Timothy - Vintage Church
Dave Gustavsen
1 Timothy 1:12- 2:10

So we started our study of 1 Timothy yesterday. And remember, this is a letter that Paul the Apostle wrote to his young friend, Timothy. These guys were close. They had traveled around together for years as part of a church planting team. Paul was the mentor; Timothy was the protégé. But now, Paul had gone to Macedonia, and he said to Timothy, basically, ''It's time for you to step up and take the lead. Stay in Ephesus, and work with the church there, because there are some things going on that you need to confront. There's some bad teaching that needs to be stopped.''

And remember yesterday, we talked about some of the bad teaching that was going on in this church. Some people were focusing on genealogies and words, and trying to find mystical meanings in them. Some people were saying you'll only be really spiritual if you abstain from marriage and certain kinds of foods. And some people were saying God's goal is to make you rich and prosperous and healthy. And all of it was bad teaching; all of it was missing the point of the gospel. And none of it had any power to actually change people's lives.

If you're looking for something that can really change you-at a deep level-so you can forgive real offenses, or overcome deep habits or fears in your life, or change from self-centered to generous and loving-if you're looking for something that can really change you, and you're looking anywhere else but the gospel…you're looking in the wrong department.

And so Paul tells Timothy: the reason you have to stop this bad teaching is because it's useless! It leads to speculation and talk…but it can't change people's hearts.

So yesterday we talked about the message; today we'll talk about the MISSION.

Okay-let's start with verse 15: The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, (now listen ...

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