by Stan Coffey

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The Season Of Financial Stress (4 of 7)
The Seasons of Life
Dr. Stan Coffey
Philippians 4:19

As we talk about the seasons of life, I just had to talk about The Season of Financial Stress. Don't raise your hand, but how many of you have ever gone through a season of financial stress? I'm sure that would be all of us. And if you haven't gone through a season of financial stress, then just come and see me. I've got a list of people that you can help out who are going through it right now. And many people are going through this season in their life. You're either in a season like that or you've been through a season like that or you've just come out of a season like that. And so I hope today's message will help in The Season of Financial Stress. Believe it or not, the Lord has a lot to say about what to do if you're in a season of financial stress.

In Philippians 4:19, there is a promise I must obtain. If I want to survive these days in which we live when costs continue to rise, when it seems that it's so difficult to make ends meet, when most wives are working trying to provide for all the needs of the family, then I must obtain the promises of God. As a Christian, I have an edge: I have a benefit that nonbelievers do not have. I have a promise from God, but I must obtain the promise. And the promise says in Philippians 4:19, "And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Now look at the scope of that promise: "My God shall meet all your needs" - not just some of your need, not just most of your need, but it says God promises to meet all of our need. That would include our financial need, our material need. Jesus taught more on the subject of money than on any other subject. Because He knew that whatever culture you find yourself living in, you would be in a time of financial stress. And God has chosen finances as one of the ways He teaches us to trust Him. That's one of the needs that we have tha ...

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