by Dave Gustavsen

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Disappointment (5 of 12)
Series: Exodus - A Future and a Hope
Dave Gustavsen
Exodus 5:1 - 7:13

Good morning.

We're taking the winter to go through the book of Exodus. And every week we've been saying that in so many ways, the journey of the Israelites is our journey. So many of the things they struggled with are the same things we struggle with. And that's definitely true with the passage we're going to look at today-because it deals with disappointment. Any time in life when you get your hopes up about something, you're setting yourself up, right? You're setting yourself up for one of two things: either that hope will be fulfilled, or that hope will be disappointed. And today we're going to look at a massive disappointment they people went through. Doesn't that sound fun?

But before we do there, let's just do a one-minute review first…

The book of Exodus starts out in Egypt, where the people have been living for several hundred years, and they've grown into a massive number of people. But as they've grown, the Egyptian government has felt more and more threatened by them, so they've made laws to strip away their rights and reduce them to slavery. And then a baby is born. His name is Moses, and he's born into a Hebrew family, but then raised in the palace of Pharaoh. When he grows up he foolishly commits a murder, and he winds up as a fugitive in the desert of Midian. So the action shifts to Midian, where Moses gets married, has kids, and becomes a shepherd. After forty years, Moses encounters God in the burning bush, and God tells Moses his calling in life is to go back to Egypt and set his people free. And last week we talked about the deep doubts Moses had, and how he tried to squirm out of his calling, but God wasn't changing his mind.

So that's where we left off last week. And we're covering a lot of ground this morning, so we won't be able to read every verse in this section. But I want to get the flow of the story, and I'm going to divid ...

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