by Dave Gustavsen

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Plagues (6 of 12)
Series: Exodus - A Future and a Hope
Dave Gustavsen
Exodus 7:14 - 10:29

Good morning.

Before we dive into the message today, I want to tell you about a special project we’re running for the next three weeks. If you’re like most people-if you’re like me-you have friends and family who are going through something really hard right now-maybe it’s a family thing or a girlfriend thing or a financial thing or a school thing or maybe a very private thing. And sometimes as a friend, you can feel helpless-you want to help, but you don’t know what to do. And that’s what this project is about.

You might have noticed in the lobby, there’s a display set up, and it says ''The Red Sea Rules.'' That’s the name of a book by Robert Morgan, and it’s a small book-it’s very readable-and it takes the story of the Israelites, stuck between the Red Sea and the approaching Egyptian army, and it pulls out ten things we can learn about how to find God in situations like that. Great little book.

Years ago, there was a new family who started attending the Chapel-in their 40s-they had a few kids. And out of nowhere, the husband was diagnosed with advanced cancer. I had just discovered this book, so I gave them a copy of it. And I want to read to you what the wife wrote ten years later-she wrote this last week:

Ten years ago, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and our world was thrown into chaos. One of the key things that sustained us was a little book somebody handed us, called The Red Sea Rules. As we read through it together, it was an incredible reminder that God was there in the midst of the mess, and He had a plan. Because it’s short and the points are very focused, I could actually hold on to what I read. Ten years later, I still have our marked-up copy-reminding me of God’s hope at a time that seemed hopeless.

So here’s how this works: think of a friend or family member who could really benefit from this. Go out to the lobby-it’ll be there the ...

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