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Series: Exodus - A Future and a Hope
Dave Gustavsen
Exodus 32-34

Alright-we are taking this winter and first couple of Sundays of spring to go through the book of Exodus (we'll actually be wrapping it up next week). So at this point, the people of Israel were sort of in this in-between position, right? They weren't slaves anymore-God had rescued them from slavery in Egypt-but they weren't in their new home yet, either. So they were in between their old, miserable life and their future, hopeful life. And God was using this in-between time to get them ready to be a new, totally unique kind of community. So last week, we saw how Moses went up onto Mount Sinai, and he received the Ten Commandments and the other laws from God, and Moses passed them on to the people. And when the people heard God's Law, they said, ''We'll do it! We're in!''

After that, God called Moses back up onto the mountain. So Moses said to the leaders, ''Just sit tight-wait here till I come back to you.'' So he went back up on the mountain, and he wound up staying up there for 40 days. And when Moses got up there, God started giving him instructions for building the Tabernacle. Remember-the Tabernacle was like a portable temple they could pack up and move wherever they were traveling. So in Exodus 25 all the way through Exodus 31, you have these very detailed instructions about how to build this Tabernacle and get it ready to use. (And we'll talk about the tabernacle next week).

So while he was on the mountain, Moses just assumed the people were patiently waiting for him down at the bottom. Moses was wrong. Because crazy things were happening down there. And that's what we're going to talk about today.

Now: at the very beginning of Exodus, when Moses was born, we were told which tribe of Israel Moses was from. Do you remember which tribe he came from? The tribe of Levi-the tribe that the priests would come from. And the essential function of a priest was to me ...

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