by Dave Gustavsen

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Restoring a Broken Family (5 of 6)
Series: Off the Map - The Life of Joseph
Dave Gustavsen
Genesis 42-43

We are rushing toward the finale of the life of Joseph. Just two more weeks left. So let me catch us up real quick…

Joseph has gone from favored son to brutalized brother to Egyptian slave to Egyptian prisoner…and now he's been elevated to second in command in all of Egypt. And people were coming from all over the famine-struck world to get food in Egypt. And Joseph was in charge of selling the food. So that's where we've been.

Now: for the first time in a long time, Joseph's family is going to enter back into the story. And all of a sudden we're going to be reminded that this story is not just about Joseph. It's about a whole family. And it's a family that's been torn apart by sin. So you've got a father who's lived through the loss of his beloved son. You've got brothers living with the guilt of what they did, and never telling their father about it. And you've got Joseph, who of course can't fully forget was done to him.

See, we are sinners by nature. And when you take a sinner, and you put him in a relationship or a marriage or a family or a friendship with another sinner, guess what inevitably will happen? Those two sinners will sin against each other. Count on it. It's going to happen. And sometimes it's huge offenses, like Joseph's brothers did to him. But sometimes it's more subtle things-like anger, or arrogance, or neglect, or disrespect, or being critical, or going too far with sarcasm and joking, or a million other things that put distance between people.

Do you know what I'm talking about? You put two sinners into a relationship, and they will sin against each other. You put 3 or 4 or 5 sinners in family, and it's going to be a circus of sin! People will hurt each other and offend each other-sometimes intentionally; sometimes totally unintentionally. And some of those hurts will go deep, and they'll create distance and silence ...

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