by Dave Gustavsen

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In a Class By Itself (1 of 3)
Series: The Force that Moves the World
Dave Gustavsen
1 Corinthians 13

There's a story that I heard about ten years ago from the author Larry Crabb and I've told it in sermons a couple times over the years. And I want to share it with you this morning. Dr. Crabb was counseling a young man who came from kind of an angry home. And in this home, mealtimes were either totally silent or they were sarcastically cutting-people criticizing each other or complaining about something. So, starting when he was about ten years old, this guy would try to eat as fast as possible, and he would excuse himself from the dinner table.

And he would go down the street to the house where one of his friends lived, and he knew this family was really different from his own family. And this house had a big, wraparound front porch with sort of a lattice covering beneath the porch. And if he got there during dinnertime, he would crawl under the porch of that house and sit there; and if they had the windows open he would be able to hear them talking, and laughing. And he would sit under the porch-sometimes for a long time-wishing he could be part of what was happening at that dinner table.

And if you were a psychologist, you could have a field day with analyzing those two homes, and the different parenting styles and the family dynamics and what was going on in the heart of that boy. But if you had to boil it down to the most basic stuff, you could say there was one thing missing from the boy's family, but it seemed to be very much present in his friend's family…and that was the thing that drove him away from his own home and toward his friend's home. And that one thing was…love.

I think we know love when we see it. And I think we know it when we're not seeing it. But I think we hardly ever slow down enough to ask what it really is, and why we sometimes have a hard time receiving it and an even harder time giving it. And so that's what we're going ...

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