by Dave Gustavsen

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Love Is Ruggedly Long-Suffering (3 of 3)
Series: The Force that Moves the World
Dave Gustavsen
1 Corinthians 13

We are finishing up a three-week series on love, called ''The Force that Moves the World,'' and we're going through one of the most recited passages in the Bible-1 Corinthians 13. Normally the only time we hear those words is at a wedding ceremony, but that's really unfortunate, because the stuff in this passage is desperately needed for everyday life. When Paul originally wrote this letter to the church in Corinth, he knew they had problems. And a lot of their problems had to do with the way they were treating each other. So he wrote this chapter to give them a vision of how things could be different.

And let me just mention the main source that I've been using to study for this series, besides the Bible. It's a book called Loving the Way Jesus Loves, by Phil Ryken. So a lot of the insights I'm sharing with you, I learned from him. So I want to give him credit for that.

I decided to call the series ''The Force that Moves the World'' because I am totally convinced that when people experience real love, it is so overwhelming and so convincing that it can change anything. I've shared with you guys before how God finally got my attention. When I was 18/19 years old, I was extremely skeptical and sometimes even belligerent toward God. And God brought across my path people who were living out this faith-not perfectly-they were very flawed people-but I was struck by the love they showed to others, and even more personally, the love they had for me. So it wasn't that they answered all my questions-I don't think anybody could have done that! But they were people who loved-and it was a love that came from their relationship with God-and over time I became more and more convinced that it was real. And I eventually surrendered my life to Christ.

So I would say it like this: the love of the messengers convinced me of the truth of the message.

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