by Ernest Easley

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The Good Shepherd (6 of 11)
Series: I Am
Ernest L. Easley
John 10:11-14

What is it in your life today that has your stomach tied up in knots and your life full of worry? What are you worried about right now? Now answer me this: Have you ever had a trouble or problem solved or strengthened by worry?

You may feel like the person who told his friend, ''Don't tell me that worry doesn't do any good. I know better. The things I worry about don't happen.'' Well, he's half right.

After an extensive study on worry, Dr. A. J. Cronin sorted it out this way:

Things which never happen: 40%
Things in the past that cannot be changed: 30%.
Needless health worries: 12%.
Petty Miscellaneous worries: 10%.
Real legitimate worries: 8%.

So, if half of the things you worry about never happen and the other half will happen anyway, why worry? Too many of you are living frustrated lives for nothing. Worry, at best is a waste of time!

There was a very wealthy man who was worried about getting his mother a gift for Mother's Day that she would really enjoy. So he went to a pet shop and found a bird that could whistle ''Amazing Grace.'' He could also quote the 23rd Psalm. The only problem was that the bird cost $30,000.00.

Well, he had the money and decided to go ahead and purchase the bird and have it shipped to his mother for Mother's Day. Mother's Day came and he called her to see how she liked the bird. After greeting her on the telephone he said, ''Mother, how did you like the bird I sent you?'' She said, ''Son, it was delicious.''

Don't worry! He didn't have the heart to tell her! Now take God's word and turn with me to John 10 as we continue our series of messages under the heading I AM where today we find God's solution to our unnecessary worry that chokes and strangles our hopes and dreams. I want for you what Paul wanted for the believers at Corinth when he told them in 1 Corinthians 7.32, ''I want for you to be without care (worry).''

As we begin ...

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